S-400 missile system

Russia’s Mighty S-400 Humiliated and Destroyed by 30-Year-Old Missiles

The Ukrainian Armed Forces have dealt a severe blow to Russian military installations in the temporarily occupied Crimea peninsula. Reports indicate that the strikes targeted the airport in the city of Dzhankoi, a key hub from which Russian invaders have been launching missiles towards Odesa.

US opens F-35 window to Ankara

Washington has reopened the window for Ankara's return to the F-35 co-production program, on the well-known condition that it removes its Russian S-400 missile defense system from Turkey. Similar discussions had taken place in the past, even with proposed alternatives for relocating the S-400s even to neighboring Azerbaijan, but to no avail. 

US ready to welcome Turkey ‘back into F-35 family’ if S-400 issue is resolved

The United States is prepared to let Turkey back into its F-35 fighter jet program as long as the issue of its acquisition of the Russian S-400 missile defense system is resolved, Acting Deputy Secretary of State Victoria Nuland has told CNN Turk. 

Su-27 launched an attack on Russian air defense, S-400 Triumph "eliminated threat"

The focus of the exercises was to improve their ability to defend against enemy air attacks.
The exercise involved the surface-to-air missile regiment of the Fleet Air Defense Formation, with teams operating the S-400 Triumph systems practicing response strategies after receiving a warning about an imagined violation of airspace by an "enemy" Su-27 aircraft.