Environmentalist artist’s house ‘suspiciously’ burned to ashes

The house of a prominent environmentalist who creates awareness about nature with her critical paintings has been burned down in the Black Sea province of Trabzon just hours before she attended a press conference against cultural fishing, bringing the possibility of attempted arson in mind.

Seminary building in Turkey’s Trabzon to be renovated

A seminary building that has remained unused for decades in the Sürmene district of the Black Sea province of Trabzon will be renovated and may be used in tourism activities.

The structure was built by the local Greek community and later served as a school and boarding facility. However, the building had remained idle for years.

Pamukkale, a paradise in Turkey

Pamukkale is a place of natural wonder; so much jumps out at the eye that it is difficult to pinpoint one favorite quality of the area I never wrote about something I observed in Pamukkale in the western province of Mu?la. I assume most of you have seen it, or at least have heard about Pamukkale. If you haven't? Shame on you!