Warehouse Burned Down in Varna

A big fire broke out this morning in Varna. There is a wooden pallet warehouse located on Devnya Street near the railway crossing.

The fire signal was fired around 7:45 am. The fire covered about 1 acre area, with wooden pallets, three cars, a minibus and a bus, boat and jet.

Officers' weapons stolen from Pangrati home

Unknown individuals burgled the home of two police officers in Pangrati, central Athens, at the weekend and made off with two guns, magazines and cartridges, reports said on Monday.
According to police sources cited by the Athens-Macedonian News Agency, the burglers broke into the officers' home while they were absent and also stole a small amount of money.

More than 10 People were Detained in Operation by of GDBOP and National Security in Blagoevgrad

More than 10 people were detained in Blagoevgrad in a case of GDBOP and National Security, BNT reported.
So far, there is no official information from the Blagoevgrad police because the action is done by teams from Sofia and the local police only cooperated. At this stage, the purpose of the action is also not clear.

Bank robbers steal ATM in west Attica

A group of between four to six robbers drove a car into a bank branch in the town of Megara, west Attica, early Thursday morning and removed an automatic teller machine (ATM), Greek broadcaster Skai reported.

The suspects, who had their faces covered, loaded the ATM on a second vehicle they had parked outside and fled.

Four Sofia Police Officers Charged with Criminal Group, Influence Peddling and Fraud

Four officers from the 4th police department have been charged with taking part in a criminal group, influence peddling and fraud, the Ministry of Interior said. The group, made up of officers of the economic police unit, extorted money from retailers under the threat of police inspections and in exchange for warnings ahead of inspections.

Greek prisons out of control

As a series of recent incidents demonstrate, the situation in the country's prisons has gotten completely out of hand.

The Greek state appears to have completely lost control. Basic standards of discipline and security are being disregarded. Facilities are at the mercy of criminal gangs.