Media: Strong police forces near the Assembly, armed men arrested

"Kurir" states that it is presumed that the police followed the vehicle in which the suspects were, and during the search, an unspecified amount of narcotics was found.
According to the Belgrade daily, citing unofficial sources, the men who were driving the car were armed, and weapons were found in the vehicle.

Over 20 injured in 24-vehicle pileup in İzmit

A multiple-vehicle collision involving as many as 24 vehicles on a busy highway in the northwestern province of İzmit near Istanbul left at least 21 people injured on May 31. 

The accident occurred at around 5 a.m. when a truck driver heading toward Istanbul lost control of his vehicle, which rolled over on the Anadolu highway.

Thirty Syrians, Iraqi caught hiding in a lorry at Bors border crossing point

The border police in Bors has caught 30 foreigners who were attempting to illegally cross the border with Hungary hidden in a lorry. On Saturday, around 2.00 pm, at the Bors Border Crossing Point, a Turkish citizen showed up for the formalities, on the way out of the country, driving a lorry registered in Turkey.

Slovenia joins Locked Shields cyber defence exercise for first time

Ljubljana – The Locked Shields 21 cyber defence and strategic decision-making exercise will start on Tuesday in 30 countries, including Slovenia for the first time. The largest and most complex international exercise in the field will in Slovenia also include representatives of businesses.

Turkish police raid to arrest organized crime suspects

Police in Turkey carried out an operation against members of an organized crime group.

In an Istanbul-based operation launched in five provinces across Turkey, the police raided 121 addresses with arrest warrants for 63 suspects, including Sedat Peker, a notorious convicted criminal, who was determined to be the ringleader of the criminal group.