Trial date for death of gay activist set for October 21

The trial over the death of 33-year-old LGBTQI activist Zak Kostopoulos in September 2018 in central Athens has been set for October 21.

Six people - two store owners and four police officers - are facing charges of causing fatal bodily harm.

The activist's family had lamented the delays in setting a date.

Up against society

Are the crowds of young people who have been congregating recently in public squares in Athens and other parts of the country politically guided acts of the usual kind or spontaneous gatherings? Even if they did start as a reaction by young people to being cooped up at home for seven weeks, these party-like gatherings soon became political.

Montenegro Greens Protest After Lake Conservationist’s Home is Torched

Pajovic house on fire. Photo: Podgorica Fire Department

Ratko Pajovic, from Carp Security, an NGO, called it an act of blatant intimidation and urged the Montenegrin authorities to conduct a proper investigation.

"This is what poachers do to intimidate guards on the lake. What is next, a bullet in our heads?" Pajovic told the media on Friday.

Cyprus: 15 officers face probe on serial killer investigation

Cyprus' top lawyer said Tuesday he has ordered a criminal probe into how police handled the country's first serial killer investigation, which led to the conviction of an army officer for the murders of seven foreign women and girls.

Attorney General Costas Clerides said in a statement that 15 members of the force may have breached the law or been negligent in their duty.

Thousands of officers to conduct checks over Labor Day weekend

About 3,000 police officers will be deployed on Friday and over the Labor Day weekend to conduct checks on cars and prevent overcrowding as part of the plan to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Police officers will be at toll stations around the country carrying out checks to all the vehicles, while others will patrol the roads and make recommendations.