One dead, one injured in clash in central Athens

One person died and another was injured in an attack near Athens' central Omonoia square on Thursday, police said.

Officers who were called at the scene after reports of gunshots found bullet cases at the corner of Sapfous and Menandrou, but it was not clear whether the victims - both of whom initial reports say are foreign nationals - were shot at or stabbed.

Two police officers arrested on drug dealing charges

Two Attica police officers have been suspended from the service following their arrest on Saturday, allowing with a civilian, on drug dealing charges. 

The arrests followed an investigation which revealed that the pair had been procuring quantities of cocaine, allegedly for their personal use as well as small-scale distribution.

Sergiu Bozianu: Moldova Still Doesn’t ‘Get’ Privacy Law

In June 2019, in the last days of Pavel Filip's Democratic Party government, an journalistic investigation done by media outlet RISE Moldova revealed that the Interior Minister had authorized special surveillance actions on 52 members of the pro-European opposition, civil society members and journalists.

Robbers in Thessaloniki charged for theft, attempt to flee

Two young men faced a prosecutor in Thessaloniki Wednesday on charges of theft and resisting arrest after refusing to stop for an inspection by traffic police in the early hours of Tuesday.
The two men - both foreign nationals in their 20s, according to police - were in a stolen vehicle in the center of the northern port city when police signaled for them to stop.

New police operation under way in downtown Athens’ Exarchia district

Dozens of police officers from different departments were carrying out a crackdown in the central Athens district of Exarchia on Friday.

The operation was the second in as many days aimed at cracking down on crime in the city center and particularly in Exarchia, which is knows as an anarchist stronghold.

Nurse, security guard beaten in Thessaloniki due to in-hospital delay

A nurse and a female security guard at the Papageorgiou hospital in the northern city of Thessaloniki were beaten by a visitor angered by the long wait in the emergency room.

The incident took place on Wednesday evening, when the woman arrived with her mother at the hospital's emergency room for a pulmonary exam.