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There is no need to look for intentions or lack thereof. One doesn't need to espouse the charge that the government is displaying tolerance of the actions of certain groups.

There Are an Average of 18 Road Traffic Accidents Per Day in Bulgaria

Every day in our country there are an average of 18 road traffic accidents, and 10% of them are fatal for some of the participants. This was stated by the chairman of the State Agency "Road Safety" Malina Krumova.

This week is marked as World Road Safety Week, which the United Nations marks 6 to 12 May, the State Agency for Road Safety announced.

The Monument of the Soviet Army in Vienna under Surveillance Because of Vandalism

After repeated acts of vandalism against the monument of the Soviet Army, located in the center of the Austrian capital, the Vienna police installed cameras for constant video surveillance.

"In recent weeks, the monument has been scratched again by night, by unknown people," police spokesman Paul Aidenberger told the press.