Four-Member Family Needs BGN 2,472 per Month in order to Live Normally

In order for a four-member family to live normally, it needs BGN 2,472. Thus, an average person per household needs BGN 618.15. This is shown by the Consumer Price and Cost of Living data in Bulgaria of CITUB's Trade Union and Social Research Institute.

Since the beginning of the year, this total support has increased by BGN 63.

NSI: The Number of Employees under Labour Contract Decreased by 39.1 Thousand or 1.7% as Compared to the End of June 2019

According to the preliminary data of the National Statistical Institute (NSI), at the end of September 2019 the number of employees under labour contract decreased by 39.1thousand, or 1.7%, compared to the end of June 2019, reaching 2.31million, the NSI said in a press release.

Investments and wages

I will share some thoughts regarding an issue which is not really in my purview, namely the economy in terms of the labor market. I won't mention any particular economic theories (I am not an expert, after all) as I am addressing a personal concern based on everyday experience.

Abolition of holiday bonuses to civil servants ‘constitutional,’ Council of State rules

The plenary session of the Council of State has ruled that the abolition of holiday bonuses to Greece's civil servants at the peak of the country's financial crisis was in line with the constitution, given the state of the country's economy and the need to curtail spending.