MPs Will Not Be Freezing Their Salaries

MPs will not be freezing their salaries. This was made clear after the vote on the new rules of procedure of the National Assembly, endorsed after a final vote in parliament today, BNR reported.

The Bulgarian Socialist Party proposal that the MPs' basic salary remain unaltered at the December 2016 level throughout the entire term of the 44th National Assembly, was rejected.

Industry in Bulgaria Has One of the Highest Profit Rates in Europe

Industry in Bulgaria has one of the highest profit rates in Europe but pays some of the lowest salaries in the EU, an expert analysis  of the Confederation of Independent Trade Unions in Bulgaria shows, cited by BNR.

The results were presented at a national conference titled ''Social Dialogue for Fair Pay'' organized by the trade union.

European Trade Union: Salaries in Bulgaria Grow, But Very Slowly

A study of the European Trade Union Institute and the European Trade Union Confederation has found out that Bulgaria, Poland and Germany are the only countries in the EU where the average rate of actual wage rise during the period 2009-2016 was higher than that marked during 2001-2008, quoted by BNR.