Samaras says probe into 'real, dark scandal' of Novartis case begins now

Former conservative premier Antonis Samaras said Tuesday that a decision by the corruption prosecutor's office to shelve the case against him concerning his alleged involvement in the Novartis case signals the beginning of an investigation into the "real, serious and dark scandal" surrounding the inquiry.

Vroutsis blocks simplified AMKA issuance for non-EU nationals

Newly-appointed Labour and Social Affairs Minister Nikos Vroutsis has rescinded an encyclical signed by three SYRIZA ministers on 20 June, a bit over two weeks before the general election, which simplified procedures for the issuance of the AMKA social security number for  non-EU nationals and in particular for migrants, asylum seekers, and unaccompanied refugee children.

Deputy prosecutor requests reopening of lawsuits in pharma bribe case

In a new twist in the ongoing probe into the Novartis case, Deputy Supreme Court Prosecutor Ioannis Angelis submitted a report to the court's prosecutor's office calling for the reopening of three criminal lawsuits filed by three prominent politicians who were implicated in the alleged bribery investigation.