SARS-CoV-2 Delta variant

Coronovirus – The Delta + mutation has come to Greece – The first cases and the concerns of experts

The scientific community, in Greece as well, has been alarmed over the Delta + mutation as, according to the data of the National Organization of Public Health (EODY), a total of 11 cases of the new variant of the coronavirus have been identified, which were detected scattered within Greek territory.

They haven't succeeded either - it gets out of control

Delta strain of the coronavirus is spreading in the largest city, Auckland.
This South Pacific state reported 94 newly infected people today, 87 of whom are from Auckland.
A Reuters report states that since the outbreak of the pandemic, a total of 2.099 cases of infection have been confirmed, 28 deaths among COVID patients and 38 hospitalized.

Millions of revaccinated people take to the streets today PHOTO / VIDEO

In the Australian state of New South Wales, 72.8 percent of people aged 16 and over have been vaccinated, the Guardian reported.
The delta strain wave, which began in June, kept five million New South Wales residents under strong restrictive measures for 15 weeks.
Taking the example of Great Britain, Australians called Monday "Freedom Day".

Sydney ends coronavirus lockdown after 106 days

Elated Sydneysiders celebrated the end of almost four months of coronavirus lockdown on Oct. 11, putting behind them a period of "blood, sweat and no beers" in Australia's largest city.

Sydney's more than five million residents were subjected to a 106-day lockdown, designed to limit the march of the highly transmissible Delta variant.

Pfizer jab prevents severe COVID for at least 6 months: Study

Vaccination with two doses of the Pfizer jab stays highly effective against severe COVID - including the Delta variant - for at least six months, an analysis of U.S. patients said on Oct. 4.

While previous data from clinical trials have shown jabs protect against hospitalization, the study published in the Lancet measures one vaccine's effectiveness over time in a real-world setting.

Prof. Argirova: Among the Immunized Dead There are Many Who Haven’t Really Been Vaccinated

Among the dead-vaccinated people there are those who have somehow obtained the necessary document and have not been vaccinated at all. There are also those who, after being vaccinated with both doses, do not observe any measures for social distance and disinfection and come into contact with infected people. If they have a concomitant disease, it can be fatal.

Assoc. Prof. Glomb: Variant of COVID-19 of Bulgarian Origin May Appear Soon

If we continue to have low immunization coverage, I would not be surprised if a variant of Bulgarian origin appears. Upon entering a host, the virus seems to borrow life and begin to dictate conditions. The more passages pass from person to person, the more we allow the virus to improve. That's why these variants appeared.