Bulgaria: Over 5,000 Breaches of Construction Safety Regulations Found in December Alone

After an inspection ordered by the Supreme Administrative Prosecutor's Office 5092 breaches of construction safety regulations were found in the country only in December. The inspection was provoked by an incident at a construction site in near the Dimitar Petkov market  in Sofia, where one worker died and several others were injured.

Stage scaffolding New Year tree warns about troubles in event industry

Ljubljana – Representatives of the Slovenian event industry are erecting a New Year tree in Ljubljana’s Congress Square made from stage scaffolding and lights in order to warn about the sector having ground to an almost complete halt in 2020 due to the coronavirus crisis, and about the financial troubles of its employees.

Bulgarian Artist Christo's 'London Mastaba' Made from over 7,000 Stacked Barrels Floats on Serpentine Lake

Design Boom  -  The london mastaba, a temporary sculpture by world-renowned artist christo, has opened in london's hyde park.the public work, which consists of horizontally stacked colorful barrels on a floating platform, will be on view until september 23, 2018 on the park's serpentine lake.

Falling Concrete Tiles from Facade of Compartment Building in Stara Zagora

Residents living on number 45 on Nikola Petkov Boulevard in Stara Zagora complained about falling vertical elements from terraces,reports Bgnes.  

About 200 people occupy the 72 apartments in the block, each of the terraces have five vertical tiles. Some of them have already fallen, their outer cover is gone, and the only thing left is the reinforcing net.

Bodies recovered at site of highway construction accident in Turkey

Rescuers have pulled four bodies of construction workers from under scaffolding that collapsed on Aug. 4 in western Turkey.

The body of the fourth worker was found and pulled out early on Aug. 5. 

Two bodies were retrieved later on Aug. 4 night following an earlier discovery.