Investigation of BAS: 81% of Bulgarians - Pure Materialists

81% of Bulgarians are fully focused on the achievement of tangible goods and this is becoming a major priority for them. On the other hand, 56.9% of the people in the country wouldn't break the law for nothing in the world, even if they have material or other benefit, a reporter told BGNES.

A Small Earthquake Was Felt In Razlog and Belitsa

An earthquake with magnitude 2.7 on the Richter scale was registered on the territory of Bulgaria in the Blagoevgrad region earlier this morning. The earthquake was felt at 9:15 am this morning with an epicenter 7 km east of Belitsa, 46 km east of Blagoevgrad and 88 km south of Sofia, with a depth of 19 km, specified from the Euro-Mediterranean seismological center.

Bulgaria’s National Chemistry Team Earned 3 medals in Saint Petersburg

Bulgaria's National Chemistry Team earned one gold and two silver medals at the 53rd International Mendeleev Chemistry Olympiad in Saint Petersburg, Russia. A total of 150 young people from 29 European, Asian and African countries participated at the International Chemistry Olympiad. 

Greece to host MIT's two-week summer STEM program for students

Mathisi Initiative, a not-for-profit organization which aims to introduce innovative and recognized educational programs in Greece, is cooperating with private school Moraitis and the MIT Abdul Latif Jameel World Education Lab (J-WEL) to bring to Greece for the first time a summer STEM program for junior high-school students.

Bulgarian Graphic Designer, Art Director and illustrator Retells Origin of Species by Darwin

"Very important project, realized in the most beautiful way. The thorough text of Sabina Radeva and her magnificent pictures together tell the story of the origin of the species and the evolution itself with clarity, humor and great charm. " of AI in European industry, development of single market and reducing polution on COMPET meeting agenda

AGERPRES special correspondent Loredana Ciobanu reports: The Competitiveness Council (COMPET) adopted on Monday, in the first meeting of the Romanian mandate at the EU Council Presidency, the conclusions regarding the coordination plan on the development and use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) "Made in Europe."