Sofia University Creates Two Research Institutes

Two scientific institutes will be opened in the structure of the Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski. Their creation was approved on Wednesday by the government. One will deal with research and projects in the field of law, economics and intellectual property, and the other with developments in the field of large data and artificial intelligence.

Yesterday's Solar Eclipse Was First of Six Eclipses In 2019 With 'Super Wolf Blood Moon' Up Next

Are you ready for five more incredible eclipses in 2019? Yesterday's partial solar eclipse peaked in northeast Russia when 60% of the Sun was blocked by the Moon, but there are five more eclipses coming up this year that deserve your attention, according to FORBES. 

Creating a poetic life with artificial intelligence

Refik Anadol starts his artworks with a question. His main concern is what it means to be a human in the 21st century. His fascination begins with a question, as he thinks of what he can do with the current technological developments and the limitless power of artificial intelligence. But he is always after a certain feeling and creating poetic works.

Greek family joins war on plastic

Natalia Lyritsis, (l), 5, Alexandra Patrikiou, (2nd l), 39, Alice Lyritsis, (2nd r), 3, and Vassilis Lyritsis, (r), 46, pose for a portrait at their house in Athens. "We recycle plastic, paper, glass etc... and try to buy products made from recycled materials. We try to have as many plants as possible on our balcony," said Alexandra.