Science and technology in Bulgaria

Bulgarian Education Ministry Considers Free Education for Certain University Majors

Bulgarian Ministry of Education and Science envisaged to regulate free education and additional incentives for these directions in the higher schools, which have the biggest gap between future labor market demand and today's demand for education, next year, said Minister Krasimir Valchev in Momchilovtsi.

The Institute for Historical Research - BAS Celebrates its 70th Anniversary

Today, the Institute for Historical Research - BAS celebrates its 70th anniversary. The anniversary will be solemnly celebrated in the Grand Salon of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences with a scientific conference "Historical science in the face of modern challenges" and a documentary exhibition "70 Years of Lived History".

Sofia to Hold the 2nd International Conference 'Days of Mathematics'

Sofia hosts the second International Conference Days of Mathematics. From today to July 14, 250 scientists from over 40 countries will meet in the capital. Among them is the world most famous mathematician Professor Efim Selmanov from the University of California, San Diego, USA, a winner of the Feld Medal in 1994 (equivalent to the Nobel Prize in Mathematics), reported BGNES. 

Scientists Blame Negligence for Floods

Members of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BAS) believe that the main cause of the devastating floods in Bulgaria is human negligence, not the torrential rains.

"There are no natural disasters, there is human negligence",  the head of the National Institute for Meteorology and Hydrology at BAS, Georgi Korchev, told