Scotland's Excess Death Rate is One of the Highest in the World

The situation in Scotland has been described as 'particularly acute', according to Jamie Jenkins, former head of analysis for the ONS.

He told The Sunday Times that the excess death rate of people in Scotland, which tracks deaths above the normal level, is higher than Italy and the United States, however is lower than the UK as a whole.

Plush Tiger Sighting Spurs 45-minute Standoff with Scottish Police

Police in Scotland were a little red-faced after it emerged that officers had a stand-off with a giant stuffed tiger for nearly 45 minutes.

UK Cop Humour posted photos of the giant plush toy on Facebook, noting that after photos were sent to the station, "numerous units, including three ARV's and a dog handler, [were] sent to the farm to tackle this beast."

Dolly the cloned sheep was not old before her time

When Dolly the sheep was put down before her 7th birthday in 2003, she was said to suffer from age-related osteoarthritis, raising red flags that clones may grow old faster. But scientists said Nov. 23 that the fear of premature, clone-related ageing appears to have been misplaced. Dolly's joint disease was, in fact, quite normal.

Officer accused of having sex on board a nuclear-armed submarine revealed! (photos)

The identity of a female officer accused of having sex on board a nuclear-armed submarine has been revealed.
HMS Vigilant was submerged in the North Atlantic when reports of two high-ranking submarine officials having sexual relations with two different women emerged – something which is forbidden between serving personnel on the same vessel.