Egypt recovers 2,700-year-old sarcophagus lid from US

Egypt announced on Jan. 2 the recovery of a sarcophagus lid dating back nearly 2,700 years that it said had been smuggled out and put on display at a museum in the United States.

Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry announced the recovery of the artifact, known as the "Green Sarcophagus," during a televised press conference.

Goodwill find in Texas turns out to be ancient Roman bust

A marble bust that a Texas woman bought for about $35 from a Goodwill store is temporarily on display at a San Antonio museum after experts determined it was a centuries-old sculpture missing from Germany since World War II.

The bust, which art collector Laura Young found at Goodwill in 2018, once belonged in the collection of King Ludwig I of

‘Thinker’ expected to reach up to 14 million euros

A cast of "The Thinker" by Auguste Rodin will be auctioned in Paris on June 30, expected to reach between 9 and 14 million euros ($10-$15 million), Christie's said on April 7.

One of the most iconic works of art in the world, it features a man resting his chin on his hand and was originally conceived as a representation of Italian author Dante.

Mummified skeletons found in Turkey’s west

Mummified skeletons have been unearthed from recently discovered sarcophaguses (stone coffins) in Hisardere necropolis (cemetery), Iznik district of Turkey's Bursa province.

Excavation is being carried out by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism under the supervision of Aygün Ekin Meriç, an academic at the Archeology Department of İzmir's Dokuz Eylül University.