Reviving polarization

Political confrontation will not contain the pandemic.
The opposition has a duty to criticize government errors, even in the middle of a crisis. Slinging barbs and blanket accusations as the death toll rises is tantamount to political hooliganism. It is an a priori failed attempt to revive a division that cost the country dearly during the financial crisis.

Robbers steal safe with thousands of euros from doctor’s practice in Preveza

Robbers broke into a doctor's practice in the western city of Preveza late Wednesday and removed a safe with more than 200,000 euros, police sources said Thursday.

The attackers entered from the main entrance and fled, the sources said, adding that authorities are checking CCTV footage for clues over the identify of the suspects.

Officers conduct spot checks on first day of lockdown

A traffic police officer checks a driver's documents in central Athens, on Monday. Officers were deployed on streets across the country to enforce the new lockdown, which allows people to leave their homes only with special permits. Authorities said only 33 people had been fined for flouting the regulations by late Monday afternoon. [Intime News]

Hackers Step up Cyberattacks on Hospitals amid Pandemic

Romanian cybersecurity giant Bitdefender said on Friday that online attacks linked to Covid-19 "have risen by 475 per cent in March as compared to the previous month", and the numbers are expected to keep increasing until the end of the month.

"Almost one third of the Covid-19-related attacks target public authorities and healthcare institutions," Bitdefender said in a statement.

National Police Union: Officers poorly equipped for infectious environment, although protective gear mandatory

Despite a mandatory requirement for police who come in contact with the citizens to wear protective gear, this doesn't happen because of the scarce supplies with such equipment, reads an appeal by the National Police Officers Union (SNAP) to Minister of Interior Ion Marcel Vela.

The NRA Appeals against the Fine of BGN 5.1 Million due to the Personal Data Leakage

The case against the NRA's complaint against the fine of BGN 5 million and 100 thousand, due to the personal data leakage of millions of Bulgarians, starts on Monday. The Revenue Agency is appealing the Commission's data protection act back in September, NOVA TV reports