Three police officers arrested amid organized crime probe

Seven suspects, including two senior police chiefs and a commissioner, have been arrested as part of an ongoing investigation into a criminal organization in the capital Ankara.

The arrests stem from allegations made by Serdar Sertçelik, a fugitive defendant connected to a criminal organization led by Ayhan Bora Kaplan.

Ankara police probe deepens with more officer detentions

In an ongoing probe into potential ties between Ankara police and a criminal syndicate, authorities have expanded their investigation with the detention of four additional suspects, three of whom are police officers.

The latest development comes after the suspension of four officers in connection with the case.

Minors used as hooligan ‘strike force’

The younger Olympiakos fans who took part in the incidents in the Renti district of Athens last December that led to the death of a police officer outside a stadium during a volleyball match have been described by the police as the "strike force" - the "little ones" who followed the orders of the "big ones" in the stands.

Foreign national arrested on child sexual offense charges at Athens airport

Athens Airport Police have arrested a 35-year-old foreign national, wanted for sexual offenses against a minor, upon his arrival from Switzerland.

According to police, the suspect allegedly engaged in criminal acts, including fostering a relationship with the minor's mother while overseeing the child, dating back to at least 2021.