‘Matter of time’ to find men who beat up metro station manager

It is a "matter of time" to identify and arrest the two passengers who viciously attacked a metro station manager on Wednesday after he asked them to put on their mask, police sources said on Thursday.

According to the sources, their faces have been recorded clearly in the metro's CCTV cameras and officers are now focusing their investigation in the area of West Attica.

Bulgaria: New Task Unit of Gendarmerie to Protect Civil Servants and Threatened Individuals

Some of the officers in the newly established police directorate for task operations and counterterrorism will take part in special training programs focused on shooting, checking and buildings' securing skills as well as on detaining terrorists and releasing hostages.

Kon: "Beware people, beware now"; "Crisis Staff sessions are not pleasant, but..."

"We are coming to a flattening of the curve. One needs to be careful, but here we are. We are now much more following hospitalizations and the difference between admissions and discharges that dropped to 130 yesterday. There are still more admissions than discharges.

Athens to get ‘smart’ traffic light system

The Athens Traffic Police said on Monday that a "smart" traffic light system equipped with surveillance cameras to monitor pedestrians and motorists will soon be piloted in the Greek capital.

The exact location where the system will be installed was not revealed. The results of the pilot program will be evaluated in order to expand the measure throughout Attica.