The challenges to Greek security and the role of the National Security Council

A country which lies in a difficult neighborhood, with a rather poor tradition in crisis management and faced with a demographic crisis, tough economic obligations, chronic failures of the state apparatus, a dysfunctional educational system and a problematic mind-set in multiple areas, has few chances of achieving prosperity or even of surviving unless it introduces the necessary reforms and ad

Police probing exchange of fire in Athens district

Authorities were investigating on Tuesday a shooting incident at a parking lot in Athens' western Haidari district shortly after midnight.

According to private television channel Skai, police believe two groups of unknown individuals started shooting at each other at the corner of Iera Odos and Kanari Streets.

New police operation under way in downtown Athens’ Exarchia district

Dozens of police officers from different departments were carrying out a crackdown in the central Athens district of Exarchia on Friday.

The operation was the second in as many days aimed at cracking down on crime in the city center and particularly in Exarchia, which is knows as an anarchist stronghold.

Cyber war is just a "matter of time": Iran is functional "offline", unlike the USA

Deutsche Welle asked security experts: What would be the strength of Iran in such a cyber war?
The day after the US drone attack killed Iranian General Qasim Soleimani, the US Department of Homeland Security issued a warning against possible cyber-attacks by Iran and its proxies.

Nurse, security guard beaten in Thessaloniki due to in-hospital delay

A nurse and a female security guard at the Papageorgiou hospital in the northern city of Thessaloniki were beaten by a visitor angered by the long wait in the emergency room.

The incident took place on Wednesday evening, when the woman arrived with her mother at the hospital's emergency room for a pulmonary exam.

Real policing

It has become abundantly evident that political will is key if the Greek Police (ELAS) is to fulfill its mission. However, will alone is not enough. The task also requires reform, training and modern equipment.

Hackers steal records on 15M Canadians, demand ransom

The names, addresses, passwords and healthcare records of around 15 million Canadians may have been breached in a cyberattack on LifeLabs, the country's largest independent healthcare clinic, the company said on Dec. 18.

That is about 40 percent of the population of Canada, and most of the clients affected live in the provinces of Ontario and British Columbia.

Suspected bank robber persuaded to surrender

An Uzbek national who attempted an armed robbery at a private bank in Antalya province was detained after being convinced by the security forces.

The suspect walked in a private bank early on on Dec. 17 in Muratpaşa district of Antalya province, while carrying a mechanism, which had the appearance of a bomb, in his hand, according to Demirören News Agency.