Violence breaks out at universities in Athens and Thessaloniki

Violent clashes erupted at the Agricultural University of Athens in the Votanikos district in the first hours of Sunday, resulting in the torching of two buses and a car.

According to state-run broadcaster ERT, around 1:00 a.m., 40 individuals attending a concert at the university took to Athens Avenue, setting fires and hurling stones at passing vehicles.

Big change in schools: In two days...

The Rulebook is harmonized with the amendments to the Law on the Basics of the Education System in the past year.
Sneana Vukovi, head of the Department for Human and Minority Rights in Education at the Ministry of Education, said today that the rulebook is comprehensive and contains preventive measures, which was not the case in the past.

Turnstiles consigned to the museum of the Metapolitefsi

Some time ago, during his previous term in office, the prime minister had called a meeting of ministers, state officials and university rectors to discuss the issue of security at public universities. The scheme for a campus police force was very much "alive" at the time; it was, in fact, one of ruling New Democracy's key policy announcements.

Bulgaria: Email Passwords of 2,439 Government Employees Exposed on the Dark Web

The Minister of e-Government, Alexander Yolovski, recently revealed that the passwords associated with 2,439 government employee email addresses have been leaked onto the dark web. This disclosure came in response to inquiries from the deputy of "We Continue the Change - Democratic Bulgaria," Bozhidar Bozhanov.

Life-saving know-how

It has been demonstrated, often in a very painful manner, that civil protection systems are crucial in a seismically active country that is also susceptible to the climate crisis.

Technology, coupled with the incorporation of knowledge from nations effectively addressing comparable threats, has the potential to save lives.

Over 1,000 arrests for traffic offenses in New Year period

Police made over a thousand arrests across the country over the four-day period in the run up to and including New Year's Day.

From December 29 to January 1, officers conducted checks on over 70,000 people and over 53,500 vehicles, a police statement said.

While 2,500 people were brought in to police stations, 1,079 were arrested for various offenses.