Student given 18-month sentence for attack against uni professor

An Athens court on Monday handed down an 18-month prison sentence to a 25-year-old university student for taking part in the physical assault against Panteio University professor Angelos Syrigos early last year.  

The student was identified by Syrigos as one of the individuals that attacked him after he scolded them for writing slogans on a freshly-painted wall at the university. 

Life Imprisonment for 65 Officers from the Turkish Navy

A Turkish court sentenced 65 Turkish military navy officers to life imprisonment on charges of sympathy for a failed military coup attempt in 2016, the Milliyet newspaper reported.

According to the media, 47 of the convicted will serve their sentences under strict regime and the rest - in prison with a common regime.

12 Years Imprisonment for a Father who Regularly Raped and Abused his Daughter

12 years of imprisonment under a strict regime received a father who has been raping and abusing his under-14 year old daughter, the press office of the Appellate Prosecutor's Office in Varna announced.

The 50-year-old man from the village of Okorsh, near Silistra, has demanded that his case be dealt with under a reduced court hearing to reduce his sentence by one-third.

Four accused of torching US embassy receive suspended sentences

The Belgrade Higher Court has handed down suspended sentences of five and six months to four indictees charged with setting fire to the US embassy in 2008.

By the court's decision, three of those accused have been acquitted.

The sentences will not be enforced if the convicted persons refrain from committing new criminal offenses within two years.