September 2015 Greek legislative election

Exit poll: SYRIZA trails ND by 7 percentage points in Europarliament election

By George Gilson

An exit poll from today's European Parliament elections in Greece gives main opposition New Democracy a seven percentage point lead over ruling SYRIZA.

The exit poll was conducted by a consortium of Greek polling companies comprised of Alco, Marc, Metron Analysis and MRB. It was released at 7pm Greek time, two hours before the polls closed.

New poll puts ND lead at 6.3 pct versus SYRIZA

Main opposition New Democracy is 6.3 percentage points ahead of ruling SYRIZA, according to an opinion poll carried out by ALCO for broadcaster Open and published on Monday.
The poll found that ND would garner 29.9 percent of the vote if snap polls were held now compared to 23.6 percent for SYRIZA, with socialist KINAL and neo-Nazi Golden Dawn both coming in third with 5.7 percent.

Government wins confidence vote, uproar over level of political discourse

By George Gilson

The government handily won a confidence vote this evening (153-136) after a three-day debate which was characterised by ad hominem and vitriolic exchanges between Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and main opposition New Democracy leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

New Democracy leads SYRIZA by 6.5 percentage points in latest poll

New Democracy leads SYRIZA by 6.5 percentage points (by extrapolation after excluding those who will abstain or cast spoilt ballots and apportioning the undecided voters proportionately to the parties decided respondents will vote for) - compared to a 6.2 percentage-point spread in December - in a new survey released today and conducted by the Alco polling company for private Open television.

Conservatives maintain lead in poll

The New Democracy party has a 5.5 point lead over SYRIZA according to a survey of voter intentions by the Prorata polling company published in the leftist Efimerida ton Syntakton newspaper on Saturday.

The conservative opposition received 30 percent against 24.5 percent for the ruling leftist party.