"The youngest patient on a respirator is 35, the oldest is 80" VIDEO

He said at a regular press conference in the Serbian government that of the hospitalized, 11 were in Vojvodina CC, 17 in Nis, 9 in Kragujevac, 22 in Serbia, 57 in Dragisa Misovic and 9 at the Pulmonology Clinic.
"We have 16 on the respirator, two of them in Vojvodina, four in Nis, two in Kragujevac, eight at the Belgrade Infectious Disease Clinic", Kon said.

Serbia closed its borders, intercity traffic stops at noon

Apart from transport trucks, no one will be able to enter the territory of Serbia.
Since the introduction of the state of emergency, 71.180 of our citizens have entered Serbia, with the largest number coming from Germany, Italy, France and Austria, about 95 percent, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said.

Vucic and Merkel finish video meeting: Fast dialogue resumption PHOTO

This was stated in a joint statement following a video conference by Serbian President Vucic and German Chancellor Merkel.
Merkel welcomes the readiness of the President of Serbia to open a dialogue on trade and non-tariff barriers between, as she said, Serbia and Kosovo with EU mediation.

Serbia Closed its Borders and Introduced a State of Emergency because of COVID-19

Serbia closed its borders last night and declared a state of emergency. This is also the case in Romania today.

Greece has banned cruise ships from entering ports and terminated its transport links with Spain, Italy, Albania and Northern Macedonia, which in turn mobilized all available medical personnel.