German MP sends message to the Serbs: NATO bombing is not over yet

The bombing is not over either, because Serbia does not want to impose sanctions on Russia and does not want to become a NATO member, and the West does not want to accept this kind of resistance, which is why Serbia is in this position, Alexander Noy, a left-wing MP in German Bundestag, tells Sputnik.

Vucic: "We will always be with the Chinese people"

Aleksandar Vucic first spoke with Atlantic Council CEO Damon Wilson, and then met with Forina's political director Richard Moore, it was posted on the profile of "The Future of Serbia AV on Instagram".
During the 56th Munich Security Conference, Vucic also met with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Ji and said that Serbia would always be with the Chinese people.

Flight Delayed: Air Serbia Faces Capacity and Quality Questions

It has happened to us all. But for Air Serbia passengers, it's happening more than the airline might like.

Indeed, between June 1 and November 30, 2019, almost a third of Air Serbia's 19,645 flights were delayed, according to a BIRN investigation, including 1,466 that, like the Sharma family's flight, landed more than 45 minutes late.

Migrant Convoy in Serbia Turned Back at Hungarian Border

Several hundred migrants and refugees who tried to cross the border from Serbia to Hungary on Thursday night have been turned back by Hungarian police and moved to camps in Serbia.

The group arrived at the Kelebia-Tompa border crossing and spent the night protesting and attempting in vain to enter Hungary. Most came from Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen, Morocco and Palestine.

"I can neither confirm or deny, but I would not rule out this possibility"

Vucic could neither confirm nor deny the information that outgoing Slovak Foreign Minister Miroslav Lajcak would be appointed EU's special envoy in the talks between Belgrade and Pristina on resolving the Kosovo issue, but stressed that he would not rule out the possibility.

Serbian Nationalists Clash with Activists over Srebrenica Book

Ultranationalist politician and war criminal Vojislav Seselj and members of his Serbian Radical Party on Wednesday evening physically forced anti-war activists out of a building in Belgrade's Stari Grad municipality where Seselj was promoting his new book denying that the Srebrenica massacres were genocide.

US Ambassador: Serbia crucial for maintaining stability in the Balkans

He said this in a discussion led with Serbian Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure Zorana Mihajlovic, this ministry said.
"We are happy that things are going in a positive direction and we will continue to support the process. Serbia has a leading position in the region and is important for maintaining stability," Godfrey said.

Serbian election date set?

Both local and parliamentary elections will be held on the same date.
Secretary General of the President of Serbia Nikola Selakovic confirmed for Prva TV that the parliamentary and local elections in Serbia will be held on April 26th.
Vucic earlier said that potential dates for the forthcoming elections could be April 19 or 26, "Blic" recalls.