Serbian enclaves in Kosovo

Serbian flag removed VIDEO

The video of Kosovo online shows a member of the fire brigade who climbed the antenna pole, removed the Serbian flag and threw it at the foot of the repeater.
The flag of Serbia was placed on the MTS repeater in Vrbovac two days ago.
Let us remind you that the slogan "UCK", written on the wall of the house in Klokot three days ago, still stands.

Kosovo Arrests Three Suspects for Attack on Serb

Kosovo police have detained three people over an attack on a young Kosovo Serb in the northern part of the ethnically-divided town of Mitrovica on Tuesday morning.

Police said that one of the suspects who was arrested, identified only by the initials E.A., is a Kosovo Albanian who is on the wanted list to serve a prison sentence, news website KosSev reported.

BIRN Fact-Check: What Progress Has the Kosovo-Serbia Dialogue Made?

Since the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue was resumed in the wake of Kurti taking office as Kosovo's premier earlier this year, there have been no improvements in relations and been little or no progress in implementing agreements already made over the past decade of negotiations.

Tense end to Vucic's visit as Albanians put up barricades

The second day of Vucic's visit to Kosovo was marked by incidents and the roadblocks put up by ethnic Albanians on the way to the Serb village of Banje.

The president then decided to return to Kosovska Mitrovica, as police informed him that the blockades were two kilometers ahead of the convoy, and that it was not safe to continue the trip.