Serbian enclaves in Kosovo

Tense end to Vucic's visit as Albanians put up barricades

The second day of Vucic's visit to Kosovo was marked by incidents and the roadblocks put up by ethnic Albanians on the way to the Serb village of Banje.

The president then decided to return to Kosovska Mitrovica, as police informed him that the blockades were two kilometers ahead of the convoy, and that it was not safe to continue the trip.

Kosovars Spy Hope of Change in Local Elections

Kosovo citizens go to the polls on Sunday to vote for mayors and members of assemblies in the country's 38 municipalities, hoping a change in power will lead to a change in their daily lives.

The main battle is focused in the capital, Pristina, which is also the only municipality governed by the opposition Vetevendosje Movement.