Serbian Orthodox Church in Croatia

Vucic: Few world statesman called Serbia and Serbs "a handful of misery"

Vucic added that "few world statesmen" called Serbia and Serbs "a handful of misery", as the newly elected Croatian President Zoran Milanovic once did.
Asked what he expects in relations between Serbia and Croatia, Vucic said that Serbia would be delighted to welcome any improvement in relations towards the Serbs in Croatia.

Croatian War Veterans Demand State Attorney’s Resignation

A day after Zagreb State Attorney's Office dismissed criminal complaints filed by war veterans against Milorad Pupovac, which claimed that the Croatian Serb leader had damaged the country's reputation, the leader of a disabled war veterans' association said on Tuesday that they will now try to make Chief State Attorney Drazen Jelenic step down from his position.

Serbian president speaks with Serbs in Croatian town

He met and spoke with ethnic Serbs there, and visited a local elementary school, to which he presented a gift - 11 laptop computers.

Tanjug is reporting that police increased their presence along the route Vucic's delegation traveled today.

Vrginmost was a place of suffering of Serbs, both in the Second World War and in during the war in the 1900s.