Serbian Orthodox Church in Montenegro

Montenegro Ruling Over Historic Monastery Sparks Nationalist Anger

The Cetinje Monastery in the old royal capital of Montenegro. Photo: Shutterstock

The main opposition Democratic Party of Socialists, DPS, accused the government of allowing "theft" and of serving the interests of the Serbian Church - with which it has often conflcted - and said it will file a criminal complaint.

Djukanovic: "It's shameful. They can't hide how much it hurts them"

The cabinet of President Milo Djukanovi issued a statement stating that the way in which Russia treats Montenegro and its president is shameful.
Zakharova said on Tuesday that Djukanovic's accusations against official Moscow and the Russian Orthodox Church were his attempt to regain power.

New details re: helicopter landing in Cetinje: "Abazović was in charge" VIDEO / PHOTO

Church dignitaries could not reach Cetinje by road due to the blockades set up by the opponents of the enthronement on Saturday afternoon.
Shortly after 8 o'clock, the helicopter landed on the meadow in front of the monastery, where Joanikije was then enthroned on the throne of St. Peter.

Patriarch confirmed: The enthronement will be held tomorrow in Cetinje PHOTO

"Tomorrow morning, with God's help and prayers for peace, all the bishops will go to Cetinje for the enthronement of Bishop Joanikije on the throne of the Montenegro-Littoral Bishopric," the Patriarch was quoted as saying.
He said that the Serbian Orthodox Church will never give up the enthronement in the Cetinje monastery.