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Jevtic: Political crisis obstructs Serbs' return to Kosovo

VIENNA - A delegation of Kosovo Serbs met in Vienna on Friday with officials of the Agency for Development Assistance (ADA) and Austrian companies to discuss employment projects and they stated that the political crisis and poor economic situation were the reasons why Serbs did not want to return to their homes in Kosovo.

Attack on Serb family’s property in Djurakovac

ISTOK - Minister for Communities and Returns in the Kosovo government Dalibor Jevtic said Monday that an attack had taken place on the property of the Serb returnee family Spasic from the village of Djurakovac in the municipality of Istok, in the western part of the southern Serbian province of Kosovo-Metohija (KiM).

Families of kidnapped Serbs want indictments

Families of kidnapped Serbs want indictments

BELGRADE -- An association of families of Serb victims in Kosovo has expressed dissatisfaction with a statement of organ trafficking case investigator Clint Williamson.

The American prosecutor who heads a EU special team said in Brussels there was "not enough evidence" to raise indictments.

Kosovo Honors Killed Police Officer

Kosovo authorities commemorated the death of Zymberi and inaugurated a new building at the headquarters of the Kosovo Police in Pristina in honour of the police officer who was killed in the north of the country three years ago.

Bajram Rexhepi, outgoing Minister of interior, said “Enver Zymberi symbolizes the actions and the bravery of the Kosovo Police which has done a great job”.