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Kosovo Serbs Urged Not to Boycott Elections

Norway's ambassador to Kosovo, Jan Braathu, on Friday urged Kosovo Serbs to vote on June 8 and elect true representatives to the Kosovo parliament.

"A boycott is not a good solution because a boycott also brings you representatives, but not your own representatives," Braathu told on debate held Friday entitled "Kosovo ahead of parliamentary elections".

Kosovo Serb Parties Mull United Election List

Members of the Belgrade-backed Srpska List have started discussions with other Serbian parties in Kosovo, fleshing out options on how to run together in the upcoming general elections on June 8.

Goran Rakic, from the Srpska list, who became mayor of North Mitrovica in the last local elections, told Balkan Insight that consultations with other Serbian parties were ongoing.

Serb politicians call for single list of Serb candidates

PRISTINA - Serb politicians in Kosovo-Metohija (KiM) have begun preparations for participation in the early parliamentary elections scheduled to take place in the province on June 8, despite being concerned about the very close deadline for registration and certification of candidates for members in the Kosovo assembly.