Serbian people

Borovcanin calls for jobs for young Serbs in KiM

PRILUZJE - The survival of Serbs in Kosovo-Metohija (KiM) depends on the resolution of security issues, but also on the employment opportunities for young people, said Nenad Borovcanin, State Secretary of the Ministry of Youth and Sports on Friday, addressing the young residents of Priluzje, a Serb-majority village in the municipality of Vucitrn, northeastern KiM.

Event in Vienna marks ten years since March pogrom in KiM

VIENNA - A solemn event under the slogan “The pogrom in Kosovo - never again” has been held in Vienna to observe ten years since the Albanian pogrom against Serbs in Kosovo-Metohija (KiM).

The event, held at the Serbian Embassy in Vienna late on Thursday, was organized by the Serbian educational and cultural society Prosvjeta and the Association of Serb Clubs in Vienna.

Kosovo Serbs want ideas of dismembering Serbia condemned

KOSOVSKA MITROVICA - The mayors of the northern Kosovo-Metohija municipalities have urged EU representatives to publicly condemn ideas of dismembering Serbia, voicing their disappointment at the diplomatic silence following a statement by "ethnic Albanian terrorists in southern Serbia who are threatening with secession of a part of Serbian territory."

Vulin banned from attending memorial service for slain Serbs

BELGRADE - Serbia's Minister without portfolio for Kosovo-Metohija Aleksandar Vulin has been banned from attending a memorial service for slain Kosovo Serbs that will be held at the St. Nicholas Church in Pristina to mark the tenth anniversary of the March Pogrom, the Serbian government Office for Kosovo-Metohija said on Sunday.

90 polling stations in Kosovo

BELGRADE - Deputy Secretary of the Election Commission of Serbia Veljko Odalovic said on Thursday the Kosovo Serbs will be able to cast their vote in the Serbian parliamentary election on March 16 at 90 polling stations across Kosovo, just like in the 2012 election.