Experts Urge Improved Anti-Terrorism Strategy in Serbia

Izabela Kisic, executive director of the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Serbia, said there were "huge differences" in the punishments handed down against Serbian citizens convicted of joining Islamic State in Iraq and Syria and those who fought on the side of Russian-backed rebels in eastern Ukraine.

More than 5.000 people welcomed Vučić and Orbán on Horgos VIDEO / PHOTO

Namely, the works in question are the reconstruction and modernization of the railway Subotica-Horgos-state border with Hungary-Szeged.
Before the arrival of President Vui and Hungarian Prime Minister Orbn, more than 5.000 citizens gathered in Horgos.

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Serbian flag removed VIDEO

The video of Kosovo online shows a member of the fire brigade who climbed the antenna pole, removed the Serbian flag and threw it at the foot of the repeater.
The flag of Serbia was placed on the MTS repeater in Vrbovac two days ago.
Let us remind you that the slogan "UCK", written on the wall of the house in Klokot three days ago, still stands.

Minja Subota died at the age of 82

The beloved TV host was rushed to hospital on Saturday.
He was transferred to pulmonology due to a disease he has been battling for a long time.
Six days ago, Serbian composer was urgently transported to pulmonology due to illness, where he lost the battle with a vicious disease. The news that he passed away was also published by Goran Vesi.