Every Third Old Car Exported from Italy Arrives in Bulgaria

Every third old diesel car exported from Italy arrives in Bulgaria. Most of them are directed to Sofia. Only over last year, over 300,000 such cars have been exported from the European side, and a significant portion of them has been directed to our country, according to a study by the National Union of Italian Automobile Representatives in Italy quoted by "24 Hours".

Pazardzhik Woman Suffocated after Being Tied with Sisal Rope

An elderly man surrendered himself to the Pazardzhik District Police Headquarters last night, the head of the Regional Directorate of the Ministry of Interior, Commissioner Yordan Rogachev announced. 74-year-old Dimitar K. himself told police officers that he had accidentally murdered his young girlfriend in an intimate game, reports Darik.

Limassol shows the red card in street parade

Limassol officials say they would not accept revelers inspired by the biggest heist on television to participate in the annual street parade, citing security concerns.

According to an official statement, the city bans any group wishing to dress as robbers in the famous "La Casa de Papel" series on the paid-subscription channel Netflix.

Brave Baby Bear Tries to Reach its Mom by Climbing a Snow Mountain (Video)

A video has gone viral on social media that shows a baby bear trying to reach its mother by climbing a snow mountain.

In the video 2 minute video, the mother bear can be seen observing her baby from top of the mountain. The little bear slips several times on the treacherous snowy mountain but finally manages to reach the top.