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Should a Business Focus on New or Existing Customers?

Businesses tend to vary how well they treat their customers. Some are solely in the business of customer retention, with customers rewarded for loyalty and more effort spent in retaining customers than gaining new ones. Other businesses are concerned with gaining new customers and prepared for those customers to migrate elsewhere - with tricks to win them back again once they do.

Delight beyond satisfaction

Through his vast knowledge and experience, Noriaki Kano—a world-famous quality guru, distinguished professor at the University in Tokyo, lecturer, writer and consultant—has developed a customer satisfaction theory best known as the Kano model. His rudimentary classification differentiates between basic and advanced attributes relating to the concepts of quality as perceived by customers.

Gabriela Mercore: 86 % of the Customers Are Satisfied with the Services Provided by Sofiyska voda


86 % of the customers are satisfied with the services provided by Sofiyska voda. The increase of the quality of the provided services is proved by 15% increase of satisfied customers compared to the previous year.