Sex industry

Return of nudity to Playboy! (photos)

Playboy has finally come to its sense.
And, in response, millions of men around the world will soon be able to pick up a copy of this magazine and come to completio… never mind.
Over a year since the publication made the shocking and confusing decision to go nudity-free, Chief Creative Officer Cooper Hefner has confessed this was a really dumb decision.

HIV positive women finally acquitted of charges

An Athens court on Friday exonerated 11 HIV positive women, three of whom have died, of the charge of intentionally infecting people while allegedly working as prostitutes.

The prosecutor at the trial said there was no evidence to suggest the women worked as prostitutes nor that they had unprotected sex with people, with the exception one of the defendants.

Pompeii pornography?

The centuries-old wall paintings discovered in Lupanar, a historic Pompeii brothel, have shed insight into the sexual activities of ancient Italians, with depictions of explicit sex acts.


The brothel was a hangout for the wealthy and powerful before the Roman city was wiped out by a volcanic eruption in 79 AD.


Early marriage, lifelong abuse

It was the 1980s when a strange girl from the Black Sea appeared in my grandmother's home in Ankara. S., a 15-year-old village girl with a lopsided face, looked as if she could run away any moment; she never talked. She was kidnapped and raped by a village boy, we, the kids, were told... The boy was in love with S.' sister and wanted to kidnap her, but in the dark, he mistook S.

Eight arrested in illegal brothels raids

Eight people were arrested Monday after a series of police raids on illegal brothels in central Athens.

The suspects, aged between 19 and 55, face charges of violating laws governing prostitution and rules concerning the illegal operation of brothels without proper documentation.

All of the suspects, six of whom are women, appeared before a prosecutor on Monday.

500 sex workers retire after winning battle against employers in Turkey's west

A total of 500 sex workers have gained the right to retire after victory in a struggle against their employers over their social security rights in the western province of İzmir. 

Turkey's Social Security Institution (SGK) determined that the premiums of a total of 1,800 sex workers working in state brothels had not been paid, daily Habertürk reported on Nov. 8.

Massage parlour owner arrested for pimping employee

Greek police have arrested the owner of a massage parlour in the city of Patra for using his business as a front for illicit sexual services. A 37-year-old female Latvian woman, who was employed as a professional masseuse at the establishment, would offer sexual services to clients for extra money, a commission of which went to the owner.

Istanbul bar trains 4,000 lawyers to specialize in cases of violence against women

The Istanbul Bar Association has trained 4,000 lawyers to specialize in cases related to violence against women to help provide support for women who are victims of violence. 

"A total of 4,000 lawyers have become specialized in how to deal with women who were subjected to violence," Istanbul Bar Head Mehmet Durakoğlu told Anadolu Agency.