Sex industry

Pornhub survey reveals Greek women like watching lesbian sex (tables)

Online porn-site ‘Pornhub’ conducted a study to on the porn watching habits of women and the results were interesting. According to the findings, Greek women spend an average of 9 minutes and 50 seconds watching porn on the internet, while Asian women prefer watching Hentai-cartoons porn.

Majority of Turkish women subjected to violence, pursue legal means: Survey

Some 86 percent of women in a recent study by Turkey's Ministry of Family and Social Policies said they have been subjected to physical or psychological violence by their partners or family, and pursued legal proceedings in the aftermath, revealing the prevalence of violence against women across the country.

Tech titan accused of using an ex-striper as a sex slave

A Silicon Valley tech titan has been sued for $40 million by a woman who claims he used her as a sex slave for 13 years.

Michael Goguen, who had worked for a firm that funded Google and Paypal, had been “sexually and physically” abusing Amber Laurel Baptiste over more than 13 years after meeting her at a strip club in Texas, her lawsuit alleges.

Turkish men try to have sex with wives’ belly button, says Turkish sex worker (pics+video)

In an interview to a BBC 3 reporter on the channel’s series ‘Sex in Strange Places’ a Turkish prostitute revealed how women were treated in Turkish society and the lack of sexual education within the Turkey. One of the prostitutes explains to the reporter how she taught men how to have intercourse correctly to stop them from harming their wives.

Parisian brothels are reborn as kinky hotels

The brothels of Paris have been transformed into perfect, romantic getaways.

Guests can now pay by the hour for the decadent rooms, which still pay tribute to their former use.

The Hotel Grand Amour features rooms decorated with cheeky boob and bum wallpaper, while guests in Hotel Amour are greeted by 19th century oil paintings of topless prostitutes.

British woman was sold as sex slave at 14 in Greece

A British woman has revealed she was sold as a sex slave in Greece and forced to work as a prostitute for six years after going on holiday to the country with her mother at the age of 14.

As Daily Mail reports, she was regularly made to sleep with up to 50 men a day and she was even forced to have sex with 110 men in just 22 hours.

Dutch driving instructors can take sex for payment – no receipts!

A new law has been passed in the Netherlands making it legal for driving instructors to offer lessons in return for sexual favors from their clients provided the client is over 18.

Dutch politicians support the controversial ‘ride for a ride’ policy and defend its legality.