Sex industry

Pamela Anderson will be the last nude Playboy centerfold (pics)

Pamela Anderson, aged 48, will be the Playboy centerfold to end all nude Playboy centerfolds. The first nude was with Marilyn Monroe in 1953. Now Anderson, who has appeared nude for the magazine a record 13 times will be the last cover girl to not cover up.

She says that she was chuffed to get a call from Hugh Hefner’s attorney who said: “We don’t want anybody else!”

Village headman to aid in fight against domestic violence, minister says

Village headmen will become involved in the fight against domestic violence across Turkey, according to recent plans released by Family and Social Policies Minister Sema Ramazano?lu who declared the plans in her first meeting after taking her post in the new cabinet.

Bye bye bunnies! Playboy thinks naked is passe – Clothed is the new nude

Playboy may have given rise to bunny girls like Baywatch star Pamela Anderson and have put nakedness on the sexy map, but now it is moving on. “You’re now one click away from every sex act imaginable for free,” said Playboy chief Cory Jones. “And so it’s just passe at this juncture. Don’t get me wrong. Twelve-year-old me is very disappointed in current me. But it’s the right thing to do.”

First warning against the onslaught of … sex robots!

Forget economic downturn, a mushrooming of conflicts, great and small, as well as waves of third country nationals streaming towards the heart of Europe to flee war or simply in (an irregular) search a much better quality of life in the otherwise “austerity-rife” continent — as opposed to their strife-plagued lands and under-developed societies.

Locals shocked by strip club ads showing nude woman as “best view in Croydon”

Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club was wrapped by the UK Advertising Standards Agency after showcasing an image considered to be “sexual in tone”. The van advert paraded mobile ads showing a naked woman claiming to be “the best view in Croydon”.

Insane amount of cash by strippers (hot pics)

The profession of stripping is a very lucrative business. Many a college students have paid through their education by taking off their clothes in front of young teens boys sneaking into strip joints, or more commonly men with their buddies on buck nights. Some have even made fortunes. These pictures prove how much these sexy ladies make.