Sex industry

Sex in space!

Of course it’s probably not up their with the big cosmic questions of where we came from, or where we are going, but it might have crossed your mind at some point. How would it be to have sex in outer space? PornHub launched an indiegogo crowd-funding campaign in an attempt to raise money to produce a porn movie at an altitude over 100 kilometers.

At least 116 dead in Indonesia military plane crash: Officials

At least 116 people were killed on June 30 when an Indonesian air force transport plane crashed into a major city shortly after take-off and exploded in a fireball, officials said.

Buildings were left in ruins and cars reduced to flaming wrecks when the Hercules C-130 came down in a residential area of Medan, a city of two million on the island of Sumatra.    

Most prostitutes lured by false promises, trafficking study reveals

Half of the women who end up working in prostitution rings in Greece are lured into them by pimps offering them fake jobs, according to research carried out by the Greek office of the A21 Campaign, a nongovernmental organization that fights human trafficking and sexual exploitation.

The credibility of a public service ad with President Erdo?an

Thank God. Finally, we have heard something nice about women from the president: ?Violence against women is a betrayal of humanity.?

I think the latest public service announcement currently on TV is great. However, the fact that I liked it does not mean I believed it. I do want to believe the president, that?s correct. But I don?t.