Sex work

Greek sex workers criticize Covid safety guidelines

Greek sex workers are concerned that new health and safety guidelines to protect them and their clients against the coronavirus will harm their business.

Regulations which came into force on June 15 urge sex workers to keep names and contact numbers of customers, who will lose the anonymity they previously sought.

North Macedonia Sex Workers March against Violence

A March of Red Umbrellas gathered about hundred people who walked through Skopje's main pedestrian areas on Tuesday, calling for the decriminalisation of prostitution in North Macedonia and better social treatment of sex workers in general.

The event this year focused in particular on the fight against gender-based violence.

Dutch driving instructors can take sex for payment – no receipts!

A new law has been passed in the Netherlands making it legal for driving instructors to offer lessons in return for sexual favors from their clients provided the client is over 18.

Dutch politicians support the controversial ‘ride for a ride’ policy and defend its legality.

Safety before sex (prostitutes wear reflective jackets-pics)

The sexy outfits worn by the ladies in the outdoors ‘prostitution industry’, or lack therieof, is their selling point to potential customers. Unfortunately for the women, this might be about to change on a main road in Milan, Italy. The girls will be compelled to swap their clothes for reflective protection jackets and trousers, or face a 500 Euro fine.