Serb Kids to Listen About LGBT lifestyle

Serbia's Education Ministry has instructed the teachers of the country's secondary schools and pre-school institutions to add to their curriculums materials on sexual abuse.

Many sociologists see this as an attempt to instill in the younger generation knowledge about LGBT lifestyles, which flies in the face of the traditional family values.

Gwyneth Paltrow’s guide to anal sex and more!

Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle blog Goop has released its second annual Sex Issue and it doesn’t disappoint.
The lengthy advice posts cover everything from anal sex, using sex toys and how to achieve a better orgasm. A question and answer session with author Paul Joannides – which focused on anal sex – has received the most attention.

Top of 10 least sexually active countries! (photos)

According to a worldwide survey conducted condom manufacturing company “Durex”, Greeks and Brazilians are the most sexually active nations in the world, with 87% and 82% of their population having sex weekly. It is natural to focus on the champions of sex, but who are the least sexually active nations in the world.

Sex robot cafe to open in London

The businessman behind London’s first ‘fellatio café’ has revealed that horny customers will have sex acts performed on them by randy sex robots. An entrepreneur from England hit headlines earlier in the year when he had announced his plans to open a sex shop in Paddington, charging thirsty punters 60 Pounds for a coffee and some oral relief.