What is it that men do wrong in bed?

More than half of men make one common mistake in bed which could be ruining their relationship. According to a new survey from the Sex Information and Education Council of Canada and Trojan condoms, men who bolt the minute sex is over, are killing the joy for their partners. The survey showed that a post-coital cuddle boosts women’s sexual enjoyment by 30 per cent.

9 men and 6 women out of 10 cheat on their spouses, study indicates

The Athens Andrology Institute published a study that reveals 8 in 10 men and 6 in 10 women are unfaithful to their spouses. The President of the Institute, Konstantinos Konstandinidis says couples falsely get the impression their sexual attraction to each other will remains similar to like when they met. ‘This does not last long’, he says.

Goodbye old dildos, welcome smart Sex toy! (pics+vid)

A new smart sex toy aims to empower and destigmatize women’s sexual health, all while tracking your body’s responses to help you achieve the best orgasm.
The $230 Lioness vibrator uses an array of sensors to detect changes in temperature, contraction, and positioning, allowing it to create a personalized profile of a person’s sex drive.

Financial crisis ‘hits’ Greek ‘lovers’

Greeks might have the reputation of being hot Mediterranean lovers, but it seems the economic crisis has taken its toll on them, as anxiety and uncertainty about their future has set in adversely affecting their performance. According to a well known condom company, Greeks have sex at least once a week on average, putting them first in the world.

Greece ‘phallic celebrations’ vs. Japan’s ‘penis parade’ (warning phallic images!)

The penis is a symbol of fertility in many cultures. Many people in Greece have heard of, or even visited the unique ‘phallic’ custom called ‘Bourani’ in the region of Tyrnavos near the city of Larissa in central Greece.

Full body virtual sex suit is here! (video)

In a society that obsesses with sexuality, hyper sexualisation and new technologies it should come as no surprise that scientists finally came up with a new suit capable of offering people the hedonistic pleasures of ‘real’ sexual intercourse! Japanese, who else, designed a virtual reality sex suit to combat prostitution, as they claim.

Turkish men try to have sex with wives’ belly button, says Turkish sex worker (pics+video)

In an interview to a BBC 3 reporter on the channel’s series ‘Sex in Strange Places’ a Turkish prostitute revealed how women were treated in Turkish society and the lack of sexual education within the Turkey. One of the prostitutes explains to the reporter how she taught men how to have intercourse correctly to stop them from harming their wives.

Arrested! Scumbag forces naked wife to walk naked in Harlem, then makes more videos! (pics + vids)

The video showing a woman walking around the streets of New York naked went viral when it emerged. A man followed the naked woman berating her for being a “tart” and treating her in an appalling fashion. The video went viral with many dismissing it as a fake.