Sexual harassment

The trial of Mika Aleksić continues

Aleksi was accused of multiple rapes and sexual harassment of female students at his school.
It is expected that at today's hearing, the questioning of one of the injured parties, which began at the previous hearing, will be continued. Aleksi was met in front of the Palace building, as in the previous hearings, by activists with a banner reading "We believe in Milena Radulovi".

Reporting Harassment of Female Journalists in Greek Media

Illustration: / The Climate Reality Project

Many artists and athletes have since spoken out about their own stories of abuse. Male and female journalists have called on female colleagues to speak openly about sexual harassment and assault in the workplace. The Journalists' Unions of the Athens Daily Newspaper also encouraged its members to speak out.

In Serbian Academia, a Flawed Fight against ‘Tradition’ of Sexual Harassment

Three professors attended. After one left, "seeing where the evening was heading," another grabbed her knee under the table, said Elena. The third, kissing and licking her hand, asked her for sex. In return, he said he would allow her fellow students to complete the course he had expelled them from because of their participation in the protests.

Pursuit of justice

Horrible report from Rio Tinto released: Harassment, rape, racism

"A report released by Rio Tinto outlined a culture of bullying, harassment and racism at the global mining giant, including 21 complaints of actual or attempted rape or sexual assault over the past five years", Reuters reports, adding that nearly half of all employees who responded to an external review of company's workplace culture commissioned by Rio said they had been bullied, while racism