Sexuality and religion

Touring Perfection | Athens | September 21 - October 26

In cooperation with the Italian Education Institute in Athens, the Epigraphic Museum presents an exhibition by Italian photographer Paolo Morello titled "Touring Perfection." Curated by Aphrodite Economidou, the show pays homage to ancient Greece's greatest cultural monuments as captured by the Palermo-born artist.

Modern-day “Spartan” marries his “Aphrodite” in Cyprus (photos)

A “mortal Spartan” and a “Greek Goddess” were married today at the Ayia Napa City Hall in Cyprus. No they are not reincarnations of Leonidas and Aphrodite. Richard and Roxanne are from Lebanon (both of whom have Greek roots) decided to marry in Cyprus, which is the closest Greek destination from their country. The two tied the knot at the Agia Napa municipal hall.

A Bible for gays! “Queen” James Bibe

The issue of how the Christian doctrine views homosexualtiy through its appoved sacred scriptures is one of great contention. There are passages in the Bible, both in the Old and New Testament that clearly condemn sodomy and the act of homosexuality. Engaging in sexual relations with a person of the same sex is considered a mortal sin by the Church.

Meet Aphrodite the porn star with a medical degree (photos)

When you have a choice between a career in medicine or porn what would you pick? Well most of us would most probably say the first. Not Aphrodite Adami, though, because this sexy Greek girl gave up a future profession in medicine to follow her heart, namely nude in bed performing sexual acts in front of cameras, lights and production team.

Greek luxury hotel where Angelina Jolie once stayed, now haunted (pics + vids)

Lakonis Hotel, one of the most luxurious vacation resorts in the Peloponnese, had a perfect blue-flag beach, exquisite views across the Aegean and the likes of visitors such as Angelina Jolie. Now, it lies in ruins, on sale for five million euros though with a bit of bargaining it could be sold at half that rate – just a fraction of the money it took to build.

Male sexual quirks among the Ottomans

In the days of the Ottoman Empire, pederasty-like relationships were common between pre-pubescent boys and bearded older men. Though today it seems homoerotic, the relationship had a deeper meaning according to the mystic Sufis and their search for God "Your airs have turned my head! Say, who has brought you up so impudent?

Thin skin alert! Greek offical irked by Economist poking fun at Athens, €Ζ fears

Α Greek government source has taken offense to the Economist for last week’s witty cover page, which showed the iconic Venus de Milo with a new-found limb that brandishes a … pistol. A caption read: “Go ahead, Angela, make my day!”