Ex-football player wanted for homicide

A former Turkish-German football player is wanted for allegedly killing one person and injuring four others during a traffic feud outside of Istanbul.

One person was shot and killed in a traffic fight in which ex-football player Sezer Öztürk, who once played for Beşiktaş and Fenerbahçe, got involved in Şile, a district on the far west of Istanbul's Asian side on Sept. 19.

Ankara Music Festival opens

The 34th Ankara Music Festival, organized by the Sevda-Cenap And Music Foundation, kicked off on April 4 with a concert by the Presidential Symphony Orchestra (CSO) at the MEB Şura Hall in Ankara. 

To mark the 110th birth year of late composer Ahmet Adnan Saygun, who served as an adviser to the foundation's executive board, the orchestra played his "Ayin Raksı" piece.  

What will Gül do now?

The prevention of President Abdullah Gül’s return to politics is an important political indicator. Gül’s exclusion from politics is indicative of how the Justice and Development Party (AKP) has changed its stance from the inclusive, reformist, moderate and center-oriented policies it followed from its inception in 2002 until 2010 to more radical and ideological politics.

PM Erdoğan: Nation will not elect a ‘flower pot’ president

Presidential hopeful Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has belittled the portrayal of his main competitor Ekmeleddin İhsanoğlu as an impartial statesman, saying the Turkish people will not be electing “an ornamental president” when they go to the ballot boxes next month.