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The New Service for Shared Scooters Lime is Now Entering the Bulgarian Market

The Lime Shared Electric Scooter Service is now available in Sofia after reaching a number of capitals in Eastern Europe. The company is the first to offer such a service in the city, and it is the largest in the world in the segment. 150 scooters will be available for people in the capital, according to an official announcement of the company.

Tax authority pilot crackdown traces dozens of offenders

In a pilot crackdown last year, the Independent Public Revenue Authority (AADE) traced hundreds of foreign nationals who purchased properties in Greece without declaring them, thus avoiding the ENFIA property tax, and dozens of taxpayers who had concealed their incomes from rental properties. 

Athens hotels see demand flag

The constant increase in Attica's hotel room supply combined with the drop-off in the soaring growth in demand and the market entry of thousands of apartments for short-term lets have already started to drive occupancy rates and room prices at the capital's hotels toward a decline.
The current prospects for both supply and demand are pointing to a further gap in the near future.