The Incredible Woman Who Walked in Space and the First Woman to Reach the Mariana Trench

A former NASA astronaut who was the first American woman to walk in space has become the world's first woman to reach the deepest point on Earth.

36 years after my space walk, I became the first woman to dive to the deepest known spot in the ocean - the Challenger Deep. #WorldOceansDay

— Kathy Sullivan (@AstroKDS) June 9, 2020

Turkey to build first frigate with indigenous resources

Turkey aims to build the country's first frigate with mostly indigenous resources as part of its national warship program MILGEM.

Known as the Istanbul-class frigate, the first frigate is aimed to be constructed with 75% indigenous resources, compared to Ada-class corvettes built with 72% indigenous resources, according to information obtained by Anadolu Agency's correspondent.

Salvage firm to retrieve telegraph from Titanic wreck

A judge in the U.S. state of Virginia has allowed a salvage firm to retrieve the telegraph machine used to send distress calls from the Titanic.

In an order issued on May 18, U.S. District Judge Rebecca Beach Smith acknowledged the historical and cultural importance of the Macroni wireless telegraph, Fox News reported on Wednesday.

Passenger ferries to go back into service on Monday, with restrictions

Passenger ferries are to start resuming services to the Greek islands, starting with Crete on Monday, with plans to extend services to other destinations from May 25 onwards, provided they implement a series of precautions to ensure that passengers and crew are protected from coronavirus, the Shipping Ministry said on Friday.

The Island of St. Anastasia is Open for Visitors once again

The only inhabitable Bulgarian island of St. Anastasia opens today for the most eager to visit it, but with certain security measures due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The museum on the island will remain closed, and only the open spaces and the Church will be available to guests, reported.