Well-preserved Ice Age woolly rhino found in Siberia

A well-preserved Ice Age woolly rhino with many of its internal organs still intact has been recovered from permafrost in Russia's extreme north.

Russian media reported on Dec. 30 that the carcass was revealed by melting permafrost in Yakutia in August. Scientists are waiting for ice roads in the Arctic region to become passable to deliver it to a lab for studies next month.

Prosecutor's Office in Russia: The Forests in Siberia Were Deliberately Ignited to Cover Illegal Logging

Eco-activists say nearly irreparable damage to the nature has been done in the region of Siberia.

The huge fires that swept the Siberian forests were deliberately ignited. This was stated by the Russian prosecutor's office.

Investigators say the fire, which covered two and a half million hectares, was lit to cover up illegal logging.

Boy, 11, finds '1,000 year old message' Written in Runes on Pendant made of Mammoth Bone

Pavel Yakovlev makes 'great scientific discovery' near his village in Yakutia.

The fifth grade student discovered the 'jewellery' decorated with ancient Turkic runic inscriptions.

The four words are believed to be in the Orkhon-Yenisei type script.

At Minus 62 Degrees in the Coldest Village, the Thermometer is Damaged

The new electronic thermometer in the Siberian village of Oymyakon, recognized as the coldest village in the world, was damaged yesterday when the temperature dropped to minus 62 degrees Celsius.

Local residents say the temperature has fallen even further - down to minus 71.2 degrees. It was not so cold in Oymyakon since 1933 when it was minus 61 degrees.