By the End of August the Third Line of the Sofia Metro is Expected to be Opened

The third line of the metro in Sofia is expected to be partially put into operation by the end of August, Prime Minister Boyko Borissov, who inspected the construction of the line said. One kilometer of the new line in Sofia costs 40 million euros, while in other European countries the sum reaches 150 million euros, Borissov said.

Prosecutor calls for 22 of 54 defendants in Siemens case to be cleared

The prosecutor in the trial of suspects implicated in the Siemens cash-for-contracts scandal has called for 22 out of 54 defendants to be cleared of bribery charges and to only face charges of money laundering, citing the provisions of the country's new penal code.

The prosecutor, Eleni Skeparnia, noted that the new code changes the charge of active bribery to a misdemeanor.

Testing Begins for Trains in the Third Line of Sofia Underground

As of 24th of April, testing begins for the new underground trains Inspiro made by Siemens. The testing will take place in the newly built third line, Sofia municipality said on 22nd of April. The trains will run in the section between "Depot Zamlyane" and "Krasno Selo" staion, reports BNT. 

Wasted energy

How many years of interrogations, how much ink writing up lists of charges, how many tons of rhetoric have been spent in the Siemens cash-for-contracts affair so we could just end up at Wednesday's result?