Bulgaria Destroys over 24 Tons of illicit Tobacco

Bulgarian authorities have destroyed 1.74 million illicit cigarettes and 22.26 tons of bulk tobacco with a total weight exceeding 24 tons, the National Customs Agency (NCA) said in a statement on Thursday, reports Xinhua. 

The illegal goods were first crushed in a mechanical mill and then burned, the statement said.

The Ministry of Interior Prohibits Martial Demonstrations in front of Little Children

Interior Minister Mladen Marinov has issued an order to stop martial demonstrations in front of children after three children were injured in Silistra by a grenade explosion. The ban was announced during the parliamentary scrutiny on Friday.

Three Six-Year-Old Children Were Injured during a Demonstration in the Northeastern Bulgaria’s town Silistra

Three six-year-old children were injured during a demonstration before the Children's Day celebration on June 1st at Dorostol Stadium in the Northeastern Bulgaria's town Silistra. The city's police was demonstrating the capture of a criminal when an explosion of grenades injured two boys and one girl. The boys have burns on their feet and were given emergency medical help.

The Bulgarian Prosecutor's Office and the Ministry of Interior with a Large-scale Investigation of NSSI Draining

A specialized action of the Prosecutor's Office in Sofia and Silistra investigates the drain of the NSSI. The scheme is related to the issuance of fake data for length of service. This was announced by the Deputy Minister. Chief Prosecutor Ivan Geshev.
According to unofficial information, among the suspects is the father of the singer Tita.

Smart Cameras will Protect Smaller Towns in Bulgaria

Surveillance is becoming more and more popular as an effective method of fighting crime in many Bulgarian cities. Built by VIVACOM systems of "smart" cameras are active not only in large cities like Burgas but also in smaller settlements, albeit on a small scale, tailored to the specific requirements and needs of the local authorities.

Agriculture Minister: Fence at the Border with Romania will be Ready this Month

Sofia. The fence at the border with Romania will be ready by the end of this month, Minister of Agriculture, Food and Forestry Rumen Porodzanov told bTV. The facility will cost BGN 1.1 million, more than initially planned in order to add stronger wire, he said. "Up to now, half of the fence has been installed.

Bulgaria Seizes 1.75 Million illegal Cigarettes at Border with Romania

SOFIA, Aug. 3 (Xinhua) -- Bulgarian authorities at Silistra checkpoint near the border with Romania have captured 1.75 million undeclared cigarettes, officials said here on Friday.

The cigarettes were found on Thursday evening in a Romania-registered truck when it attempted to leave Bulgaria, the Ministry of Interior and the National Customs Agency (NCA) said in a joint statement.