Sofia and Skopje with a Joint Exhibition of Archaeological Discoveries

The government has approved a draft contract between the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Bulgaria and the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Northern Macedonia for the organization of a joint exhibition "100 years Trebenishte", which will take place in Skopje.

Institutions in Northern Macedonia Are Changing Their Names Today

The Macedonian government has decided to oblige all institutions to change their public names in the name of the state, in line with amendments to the Constitution, the Constitutional Law on the Implementation of Amendments and the Law on the Use of Languages, reported the Bulgarian National Television. 

Public divided in North Macedonia over name deal, poll shows

Public opinion in North Macedonia is divided over the Prespes agreement with Greece, according to a recent survey in the neighboring country.

More specifically, the poll, conducted on behalf of the Sitel TV channel, showed that 44.6 percent said they felt positively about the accord against 45.6 percent who said they had negative feelings about it.

A matter of definition

Where in the political spectrum do you place a politician who dreams of tanks when he thinks about foreign policy?

In which political family would you say that someone who boasts of Skopje being "a 20-minute job" for a platoon of tanks belongs?

Greece, North Macedonia agree to lower roaming charges

Officials from North Macedonia and Greece signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) in Skopje on Tuesday on the mutual reduction of roaming charges.
North Macedonia's Information Society and Administration Minister Damjan Manchevski and Greece's Minister for Digital Policy Nikos Pappas held a press conference after the signing ceremony.

Greece offers condolences over North Macedonia bus crash

Greece's foreign ministry expressed its condolences over the deadly bus crash in North Macedonia on Wednesday night that killed 14 people and injured dozens more.

"Deeply saddened by tragic road accident on the Skopje-Tetovo highway. Our thoughts go out to the victims' families and loved ones," the ministry said in a tweet.