North Macedonia Ex-PM Convicted of Illegal Property Scheme

Nikola Gruevski, who was tried in absentia, was found guilty at Skopje Criminal Court on Thursday of unlawfully acquiring over 1.3 million euros from his former ruling VMRO DPMNE party, and of instigating a money-laundering scheme to cover his tracks and buy property with the proceeds.

North Macedonia’s President met with Bulgaria’s Prime Minister in Munich

"I had the opportunity to talk with the Bulgarian Prime Minister Petkov on the sidelines of the Munich Conference after our recent meeting in Skopje." This was written today on his Facebook account by the President of the Republic of North Macedonia, Stevo Pendarovski.

Bulgarian PM signed with Zelensky a Declaration of Support for Ukraine and Met with Boris Johnson

In Skopje, the Bulgarian Wreaths laid on the Grave of Gotse Delchev were Desecrated (VIDEO)

Vandals tore the tricolor ribbons on the wreaths left by the Bulgarian delegation at Gotse Delchev's grave in Skopje.

The tearing of the tapes is clearly seen in a video distributed by MakFax. It happened immediately after the departure of the Bulgarian delegation from Skopje.

Bulgaria and North Macedonia Jointly Mark 150th Anniversary of Gotse Delchev's Birth

Osmani: North Macedonia will Never Agree that "We are One People in Two Countries"

"When discussing delicate issues, I want to make it clear - no one is negotiating identity! Language and other attributes of identity are issues that derive from the right to self-determination of every person, of every people, of every ethnic community, of every state, and this is an inviolable right, stronger than any other right.

Three Memoranda were signed Today between Bulgaria and North Macedonia

At today's joint meeting of the governments of Bulgaria and North Macedonia, three memoranda of understanding were signed for cooperation in agriculture, between small and medium enterprises, and for the development of the Sofia-Skopje railway, which is part of the large Corridor №8 project.