A Wax Statue of Alexander the Great To Be Displayed in Skopje

The new archaeological museum of Skopje will display wax figures of Alexander the Great, his father Philip II, his mother Olympia, and other alleged Macedonians.

Among them will also be the Greek philosopher Aristotle, the Byzantine emperor Justinian, the Balkan folk hero Krali Marko and the Bulgarian king Samuil. 

Skopje May Pay Dear For Underground Bypass

While the city of Skopje planned to set aside 51 million euro for the important bypass, the lowest bidder, a Bulgarian-Macedonian consortium composed of Pons Troy Engineering, Gp Group and Urban Plan, has sought 66.9 million euro.

Another group of Bulgarian firms has offered to do the work for 69.8 million euro while a Bulgarian-Portuguese consortium sought 67.3 million euro.