Encrypted Phone Crack No Silver Bullet against Balkan Crime Gangs

When a French and Dutch-led police operation cracked the code to Sky ECC in February 2021, investigators gained access to a treasure trove of real-time evidence against a host of international crime gangs. 

Thousands of people have been arrested around the world based on the Sky ECC takedown; in the Balkans, Saric is the biggest, but he is far from alone.

Spring is still on hold

The temperature drop is expected over the weekend; the cool weather front will be followed by rain.

As announced by the Republic Hydrometeorological Service of Serbia, precipitation will be higher in the central and southern parts of Serbia, with the snowfall expected on the mountains.

Turkey’s first Dark Sky Park to open in Bursa

The Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, which has initiated works to become a member of the International Dark Sky Association, will set up Turkey's first Dark Sky Park in the city. Milky Way observation activities, educational activities and sports activities will be organized in the Dark Sky Park, which has only 92 examples in the world.