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Cloudy Skies with Maximum Temperatures Between 12C and 17C

Today, before noon, cloudy skies will prevail across most of the country, with light rain in some places in southern Bulgaria. Around noon from the northwest, clouds will begin to break and decrease and, by the end of the day, it will be mostly sunny.

Light north-northeast wind, increasing to moderate in the east areas. Maximum temperatures between 12C and 17C, in Sofia around 13C.

Perseid meteor shower to peak this week

The most popular shower of shooting stars, the Perseids, will reach its peak on Monday to Tuesday dawn, and will be visible on the Greek sky and the north hemisphere.
Those who will stay awake after midnight will have the opportunity, if the weather conditions allow it, to observe the bright shooting starts dart across the sky.

A New Cyclone Is Expected to Cross over Greece Today

Today in Greece is expected the peak of the dangerous meteorological phenomena.

Мeteorologists warn that the cyclone, which flooded roads, houses and shops, was once again entering the western part of the country.

Within a few hours, it will reach Northern Greece with short, but heavy rainfall, and sometimes with hailstorms.

Sunny and Hot Sunday

It will be mostly sunny today. In the afternoon, cumulus clouds will form mostly over the West and Central Bulgaria, where some places can expect rain showers and thunder. There will be weak south-southeast wind. Maximum temperatures will be between 31 ° and 36 °, in Sofia about 31 °.

The sea water temperature is between 25-27°.

Until the End of the Week in Bulgaria: Summer Temperatures and Sun before Noon, Rain and Thunder in the Afternoon

Today, before noon, in Bulgaria it will be mostly sunny. In the afternoon, clouds will develop again and in places, mostly in the mountainous regions, rainfall will pass. Will blow a weak west, in East Bulgaria - southwest wind. The maximum temperatures will be between 26 and 31 degrees, according to the NIMH forecast.

The New Week Comes with Clouds and Rain

On Saturday there will be torn clouds, no precipitation is expected. However, on Sunday afternoon, we will feel a worsening of weather.

On Monday, the entire country will be cloudy with rainfall, and on Tuesday temperatures will drop slightly and will be 10 to 15 degrees. Then they will again rise to the level of 15 - 20 degrees.