New York’s Tallest Apartment Building

The cheapest apartment in a 472-meter skyscraper costs $ 6.9 million.

Americans represented the tallest apartment building in the world. The 472-meter tower is located in Manhattan, New York.

Construction workers are still installing its glass panels, but the media has been allowed to reach the 123rd floor, which offers spectacular views of Central Park and the Hudson River.

Most of the Tall Buildings Are in "Mladost" District

Most of the tall buildings in the capital are in the Mladost district, according to the data of the municipal company "Sofproekt-OGP".
There is the tallest building in Bulgaria, the 126-meter building of the Capital Fort, again the future high-rising leader, the 202-meter Skay Fort skyscraper.

Krasno Selo "," Vazrazhdane "and" Lyulin " are also in the foreground.

Japanese Company Plans to Build the Tallest Wooden Skyscraper in the World

A Japanese company plans to build the tallest wooden skyscraper in the world. It will be located in Tokyo.

The company Sumitomo Forestry explains that the building will be 350m high and will have 70 floors. It will have shops, offices, hotels and private homes.

Inhabitants of Lozenets District are Protesting Against the Construction of a 34-Floor Skyscraper

The inhabitants of Lozenets district are protesting against the construction of a 34-floor skyscraper next to their blocks. By project, the building will rise to 120 meters in height and will be ready in the next five years, reported bTV.