Kiril Petkov will give up his Immunity after a Commission is formed in the National Assembly

Kiril Petkov, whose immunity the prosecutor's office requested today, published his position on his Facebook profile, in which he stated that "I will wait for a commission to be formed and work in the National Assembly, before which all the facts and evidence will be presented so that all Bulgarians can see clearly and vividly how the Bulgarian prosecutor's office is used for political pres

Slovenia and Belarus clash over UN Security Council seat

Slovenia's and Belarusian permanent representatives to the UN faced off in a lively exchange in New York on 16 May as they presented their countries' rival bids for non-permanent membership of the UN Security Council in 2024-25. Both faced accusations about their countries running at the behest of other powers.

Due to lack of Staff: Bulgarian businesses will hire Workers from India

The Bulgarian business will hire staff from India. One of the positions they will occupy is that of bartenders due to the decreasing interest of Bulgarians in the profession and the sector. At the same time, however, the restaurant business complains that hiring staff from third countries (non-EU) does not fully satisfy their requirements.

"China wants war"

Pavel stated that Beijing benefits from prolonging the war.
The president's statements came to the Czech Republic as China tries to position itself as a peacemaker in Ukraine.
While most Western allies have been skeptical of China as a peace mediator, some countries such as France insist that China could play a major role in peace talks.

Lukashenko: We are not bluffing

Russia and Belarus are forced to fight and protect their interests in the context of the informational, political and economic war that the West is waging against them, he said at a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin within the High State Council of the Federal State.