23 years since Croatia expelled more than 200,000 Serbs

The operation resulted in more than 200,000 Krajina (ethnic) Serbs expelled from their homes in Croatia.

More than 2,000 people were killed or went missing, and the memory of a dozen kilometers long column of refugees who arrived in Serbia through Bosnia-Herzegovina (BiH) testifies to one of the most massive exoduses ever in this region.

Telekom Srbija introduces platform based on LoRaWAN

It enables the connection and interaction of a large number of different devices and sensors.

Brnabic said that this was a big step forward in digitizing the country, adding that the system that was designed would enable the domestic company to sell its solutions worldwide, which would facilitate its breakthrough to foreign markets.

Belgrade police chief dismissed

According to media reports, Milic will now receive "a new high-ranking position with the state organs."

The reasons for his dismissal are currently unknown, and this comes on the heels of previous media reports that said such moves were to be expected in the Interior Ministry (MUP).

FT: Bulgaria reverses the IT brain drain

Salaries are rising in the Balkan tech hub and more developers seek opportunities near home

Kalin Radev was always clear that he wanted Software Group to be a global business, working with banking customers around the world. It was equally clear that he would keep the banking technology company's research and development centre in Bulgaria.